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SPAC Platform

Boardroom Alpha’s SPAC platform provides everything you need to understand, track, and analyze the SPAC market and the individual SPACs within it.


SPAC Profiles

  • Full detail, SPAC track record, and public company track record for  every director, CEO, and CFO
  • SPAC target focus
  • Latest prices and returns
  • SPAC Sponsor analytics
  • Investors holding each SPAC
  • Real-time filing feed and full-text search
  • Potential Red Flags
  • Press releases
  • Underwriters

Alerts & Daily Briefs

  • Morning brief on latest SPAC activity (filings, IPOs, deals, and more)
  • Deal announcement alerts

SPAC Market Summary

  • Daily SPAC movers — common, units, and warrants
  • SPAC Discount/Premium Index
  • SPAC IPO volume tracking
  • Recent SPAC IPO performance
  • Recent SPAC Merger performance

SPAC Calendar

  • Key SPAC date tracking and calendar

    SPAC Yield Analysis

    • YTM calculations for every SPAC

    SPAC Team Performance Tracking

    • Full SPAC track record — deals they’ve done, time to deal, returns and more.
    • Full public company track record— ratings, analytics and context on every CEO, CFO and director.
    • Full biographies including age, gender, education, and race/ethnicity
    • SPAC Sponsor analytics
    • Relationship analytics — who do they know and when did they work together?
    • History of insider buying and selling
    • Ties to activist firms
    • History of M&A

    SPAC Database

    Power your internal models, research systems, and BI tools with Boardroom Alpha’s comprehensive SPAC database. tracking every SPAC from pre-IPO through post de-SPAC. Includes all key data points including: IPO date, vote date, size, redemptions, team members, performance analytics, deal metrics and more.

    The SPAC REST API delivers BA’s comprehensive SPAC database directly into internal systems, BI tools, and more.

    Full details on the SPAC database below.


    Daily SPAC Research

    Boardroom Alpha is an exclusive partner of and writes daily SPAC research that covers the market open, close, and the latest news.

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    Free SPAC Listing

    Boardroom Alpha makes a basic SPAC listing available to non-subscribers.

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    SPAC Database Details

    The Boardroom Alpha SPAC platform is backed by the industry’s best SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) database. Investors, banks, SPAC sponsors, all use the SPAC database to generate alpha. With a RESTful API quants and modelers can quickly and easily integrate the constantly updated SPAC data into their existing processes and data teams can support delivering SPAC data into internal systems.

    SPAC Profile

    • Tickers
    • Status
    • IPO Date
    • Target Focus
    • Deadline Date
    • Sponsor
    • Size
    • Trust
    • Underwriters

    SPAC Deal Info

    • Deal Target Company
    • Announced Date
    • Merger Vote Date
    • Enterprise Value
    • EV Multiple
    • PIPE
    • PIPE participants
    • Redemptions


    • Warrants / Unit
    • Warrants / Share
    • Rights / Unit
    • Rights / Share
    • Separation Date

    SPAC Team

    • CEO
    • CFO
    • Board of Directors

    Price & Performance

    • Latest close
    • IPO Pop
    • Deal Announcement Pop
    • Return since deal announcement
    • De-SPAC Returns
    • Yield-to-Maturity
    • Trust at maturity


    • 8-K Current Reports
    • Prospectuses

    • Registrations

    SPAC Investors

    • Detailed investor information

    Media and news

    • Press releases
    • People moves
    • Stock alerts
    • Filing alerts
    • Insider alerts
    • Deal alerts
    SPAC Database JSON Example

    Leverage the RESTful API to easily integrate comprehensive SPAC data and analytics into your internal systems.

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