SPAC Research Platform & Database

Comprehensive data, analytics and tracking for every SPAC, sponsor and team member.

Corporate Governance Data & Analytics

In-Depth Governance & Performance Analytics for Every US Public Company and its Executives

CEO, CFO, and Director Scorecards

Performance ratings, analytics, and context on every US public company director, CEO, and CFO.

Governance and Performance Analytics Platform

Board & Executive Team Intelligence. Full coverage of the Board, CEOs, and CFOs.

Quantitative assessment of the Board and Management’s ability to drive value.
Details and assessment of governance practices, board and executive entrenchment, diversity and more.
Pay-for-Performance Analytics and compensation data across all directors and officers.
All insider trading analytics on equity grants, acquisitions, and dispositions – spot potential governance issues early.
Shareholder voting history and analytics identifying meaningful signals of discontent from shareholders.
Full-text search and machine learning classifications of all filings, disclosures, and press releases.

Latest Research & Podcast

Performance Analytics and Tracking of Every US Public Company Director, CEO, and CFO

With full drill down capabilities and a highly intuitive, responsive interface, information that would normally take weeks or months to assemble is at your fingertips within seconds.

Full biographies, including age, gender, and education

Insider buying/selling tracking and analytics


Relationship analytics

Social media

Pay practices as a director

Shareholder voting

Investor & peer reviews

Capital allocation (dividends, buybacks, M&A)


SPAC Research & Data Platform

Comprehensive SPAC database, actionable analytics, and powerful analyst interface to accelerate research and decisions.

Full details and analytics on every SPAC

Analytics and track record for every SPAC team member

SPAC sponsor tracking and analytics

Full SPAC tracking across lifecycle with specialized views for each

Real-time alerts and daily email briefs

Forward looking SPAC event calendar for shareholder meetings and more

Quick access to all filings and press releases

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