Track All CEO, CFO, and Director Changes. Deep Dive on New Joiners.

Comprehensive Coverage of All US Public Companies

Boardroom Alpha monitors all US publicly traded companies for CEO, CFO, and director changes. Updates are available in real-time as the company announces them in SEC filings or press releases.

Quickly see every company’s board and executives and assess across tenure, diversity, performance, insider trading activity, and other relevant factors. 

Boardroom Alpha Company Sample
Boardroom Alpha Person Profile Example

Know Each Executives Track Record

Every executive has a comprehensive profile on Boardroom Alpha that accelerates your diligence. Each profile profiles performance track records using Boardroom Alpha’s proprietary ratings, shareholder returns, M&A activity, insider/buying and selling, relationships, biographies, committees, shareholder voting and much more.

See potential red flags across performance, SEC enforcement issues, insider trading activity and more.


Daily Alerts Containing the Latest Executive Moves

Subscribers receive customizable alerts with all the latest executive moves that are relevant to their portfolios or interests. All moves are also available in their customizable dashboard within the platform.

Corporate Governance Database

Boardroom Alpha’s comprehensive governance  provides insight into the governance of all US publicly traded companies and the executives and directors behind them. Use our robust RESTful API, take data feeds, or integrate directly into Excel.

Governance Data

  • Executive Compensation data
  • Director Compensation data
  • Say-on-Pay voting
  • Insider buying and selling (all Form 3, 4, 5) data
  • Fund voting (from N-PX Filings)
  • Board indendence
  • Director overboarding


Governance Analytics

  • Pay-for-performance
  • Board interlock analysis
  • Board performance analytics (TSR, ratings, and more)
  • CEO performance analytics (TSR, ratings, and more)
  • Diversity analytics
  • Insider buying/selling analysis