SPAC – Special Purpose Acquisition Company

SPAC Database

Power your internal SPAC models and research systems with Boardroom Alpha’s comprehensive SPAC Database.

Includes all key data points including: IPO date, vote date, size, redemptions, team members, performance analytics, deal metrics and more.

Easily integrate using the RESTful database API.

SPAC Database Details

Generate alpha using Boardroom Alpha’s comprehensive SPAC database. With a RESTful API quants and modelers can quickly and easily integrate the constantly updated SPAC data into their existing processes.

SPAC Profile

  • Tickers
  • Status
  • IPO Date
  • Target Focus
  • Deadline Date
  • Sponsor
  • Size
  • Trust
  • Underwriters

SPAC Deal Info

  • Deal Target Company
  • Announced Date
  • Merger Vote Date
  • Enterprise Value
  • EV Multiple
  • PIPE
  • PIPE participants
  • Redemptions


  • Warrants / Unit
  • Warrants / Share
  • Rights / Unit
  • Rights / Share
  • Separation Date


  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Board of Directors

Price & Performance

  • Latest close
  • IPO Pop
  • Deal Announcement Pop
  • Return since deal announcement
  • De-SPAC Returns
  • Yield-to-Maturity
  • Trust at maturity


  • 8-K Current Reports
  • Prospectuses

  • Registrations

SPAC Investors

  • Detailed investor information

Media and news

  • Press releases
  • People moves
  • Stock alerts
  • Filing alerts
  • Insider alerts
  • Deal alerts
SPAC Database JSON Example

Leverage the RESTful API to easily integrate comprehensive SPAC data and analytics into your internal systems.

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