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Daily SPAC Update – April 15, 2024

HUDA Vote to Extend to Jan ’25. WAVS and SCRM Extend — SCRM Loses $621M in Redemptions. MCAC Extension Vote Set. DSAQ to Delist/Relist.

Daily SPAC Update – April 9, 2024

RMGC and RCAC Liqudations. ACAC and SCRM Extension Votes. CITE and ACBA Extend. NVAC Investor Deck. JVSA + Hotel101 Merger Agreement.

Daily SPAC Update – April 5, 2024

KYCH DeSPACs to ZOOZ. PLTN Deal Vote Set. HUDA Ext Vote Set. TLGY Delays to April 16. NSTD / NSTC Distributions Announced. IXAQ Deal Deck.

Daily SPAC Update – April 4, 2024

ASCA DeSPACs to NIVF. RMGC / H2B2 Deal Termination. PEGR Deal Approved. ACAB Investor Deck. WAVS Extends. GODN, MACA Merger Amendments

Daily SPAC Update – April 3, 2024

CITE Extension Vote. GMFI Extends. GODN Reduces Extension Fees. LGVC Deal Approved. ACAB & SEDA Deal Decks. CCTS + Tembo E-LV Deal Agreement.

Daily SPAC Update – April 2, 2024

MBTC / Cognos Deal Terminates. ACBA Extension Vote. ARRW Deal Approved. VHAQ, DSAQ Extensions Approved. SEDA Investor Deck. CITE Redemption Update.

Daily SPAC Update – April 1, 2024

WNNR DeSPACs to ZPTA. ARRW, RWOD, LGVC Merger Votes. IXAQ + Aerkomm Deal Announced. GODN Vote. NSTC, NSTD Conversions Approved. BWAQ Extends. PGSS, BWAQ, TRTL, AIMAU, MBTC Votes Set.

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