SPACs Today: Thursday, Dec 1

by | Dec 1, 2022

Chart of the Day

Pacifico Acquisition Corp. (PAFO) shares ticked up today after the company disclosed a 99.6% redemption rate on its merger vote with Caravelle. With little other optimism in the SPAC market, savvy traders are still looking to make quick returns on low-float depleted trust SPACs.

Elsewhere Today in SPACs

  • Iris Acquisition Corp. (IRAA) and Liminatus Pharma agreed to a definitive agreement valued at $334M EV
  • Pacifico Acquisition Corp. (PAFO) shareholders approved Caravelle deal, but not before 99.6% of shareholders elected to redeem at the merger vote
  • Sky Venture looks to be headed towards a dispute with Primavera Capital Acquisition Corp. (PV) as they attempt to get out of their $40M committed FPA
  • Canna-Global (CNGL) shareholders approved a 12-month (on a monthly basis) extension out till December of 2023, though 90% of the trust redeemed and just $24M remains in the account
  • Brad Gerstner’s Altimeter Growth Corp. II (AGCB) will liquidate at $10.11 on December 21
  • One Equity Partners Open Water I Corp. (OEPW) shareholders approved its early liquidation and the SPAC will wind down on December 8th
  • Atlas Crest Investment Corp. II (ACII) voters approved early termination and set today, December 1st, as its termination date

SPAC Calendar

Today’s SPAC Movers

Biggest Gainers

3.40% ~ $ 9.72 | VENA – Venus Acquisition Corporation (Announced)
1.46% ~ $ 10.45 | LAAA – Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. (Announced)
.99% ~ $ 10.24 | VSAC – VISION SENSING ACQUISITION CORP. (Announced)
.79% ~ $ 10.18 | ACAC – Acri Capital Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
.69% ~ $ 10.16 | TWND – Tailwind Acquisition Corp (Announced)
.69% ~ $ 10.27 | IOAC – Innovative International Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
.60% ~ $ 10.12 | FLFV – Feutune Light Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
.59% ~ $ 10.15 | GATE – Marblegate Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.59% ~ $ 10.16 | MPRA – Mercato Partners Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
.57% ~ $ 10.52 | PNAC – Prime Number Acquisition I Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.50% ~ $ 10.04 | AMAO – American Acquisition Opportunity Inc (Announced)
.50% ~ $ 10.05 | SGHL – Signal Hill Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.50% ~ $ 10.07 | TLGA – TLG Acquisition One Corp. (Announced)
.49% ~ $ 10.20 | BPAC – Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Co (Pre-Deal)
.49% ~ $ 10.21 | IQMD – Intelligent Medicine Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.49% ~ $ 10.27 | JMAC – Maxpro Capital Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
.49% ~ $ 10.28 | GGAA – Genesis Growth Tech Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
.48% ~ $ 10.49 | DKDCA – Data Knights Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
.45% ~ $ 9.99 | BSAQ – Black Spade Acquisition Co (Pre-Deal)
.44% ~ $ 10.26 | CMCA – Capitalworks Emerging Markets Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)

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