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DWAC and Trump / TMTG Make SPACs Great Again

In this quick hit episode, David Drapkin talks to Matthew Tuttle from Tuttle Capital on the unprecedented action in DWAC as it breaks all SPAC and MEME records following its announcement to merge with Trump Media & Technology Group.

Investing in SPACs for Yield with Jonathan Browne from Robinson Capital

Jonathan Browne from Robinson Capital joins Boardroom Alpha’s David Drapkin to talk about SPAC arbitrage. Robinson Capital’s SPAX ETF launched in June of 2021 and is an actively managed exchange-trade fund (ETF) that invests in Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs), also known as blank check companies. SPAX seeks to provide total return while minimizing downside risk.

The Daily SPAC

3 DAs and 4 IPOs marks a week to forget as SPACs take a hit with equities.
It was another tough day for SPACs as VMAC came close to setting another SPAC redemption record. If redemptions continue at these levels the SPAC market is in big trouble.
SOND closes down on day-1, ACEV secures additional financing, and the rest of the day in SPACs
Social Capital Suvretta Holdings III will be taking ProKidney public. Several SPACs increased deal financing, PACX calls off Acorns deal, and GMII closes Sonder transaction.
With only 1 new deal announced in the first two trading weeks of 2022 the SPAC market is off track. Sky high redemptions, more IPOs, big price drops on deSPAC, and an oversupply of SPACs has the whole market at risk.

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