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Director Overboarding

Director overboarding continues to be a key factor that shareholders — and those who advise them — look at when evaluating nominees at the annual shareholder vote. This brief overview of “director overboarding” will look at what it is, why it matters, and how it is evaluated.

FAQ: Interlocking Directorates

Understand what interlocking directorates are, when they are legal, why they are a risk, and how to analyze them.

Governance Alert: FedEx

FedEx (FDX) is making some shareholder-friendly moves, including an over 50% dividend hike, adding two independent directors, and a TSR-based executive compensation metric. We applaud the changes, but now the real work begins. Can a new CEO and refreshed board improve margins?

Panic Time for Palantir?

The world is a scarier place, which should be good for Palantir. But, with the controversial intelligence and analytics company having just reported its lowest revenue growth ever, we take a closer look at fundamentals and governance.

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