Daily SPAC Update – April 23, 2024

by | Apr 23, 2024

AIMAU Extension Vote. AEAE Extends to May 2025. LCW + Innventure Investor Presentation. RMGC Denied Relisting on NASDAQ.

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Daily SPAC Update

AIMAU – AIMFINITY INVESTMENT CORP I * vote April 23, 2024 -> extend to January 28, 2025

AEAE – ALTENERGY ACQUISITION CORP * Extend to May 02, 2025 * 839,332 redeemed * trust $11.33

LCW – LEARN CW INVESTMENT CORP * Investor Presentation
XFIN – EXCELFIN ACQUISITION CORPRedemption Update * 881,205 redeemed
RMGC – RMG ACQUISITION CORP III * Relisting on NASDAQ denied; Moving to OTC

21.24% ~ $ 10.16 | SEPA – SEP ACQUISITION CORP (Announced)
7.18% ~ $ 11.50 | FHLT – Future Health ESG Corp. (Pre-Deal)
4.07% ~ $ 11.50 | GLLI – Globalink Investment Inc. (Announced)
2.29% ~ $ 11.61 | BREZ – Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp (Announced)
1.08% ~ $ 11.22 | AIMAU – Aimfinity Investment Corp. I (Announced)

-12.25% ~ $ 8.85 | RWOD – Redwoods Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-8.59% ~ $ 8.41 | PEGR – Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-7.48% ~ $ 8.04 | DECA – Denali Capital Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-5.38% ~ $ 6.51 | LGVC – LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I (Announced)
-3.92% ~ $ 12.00 | HUDA – Hudson Acquisition I Corp. (Pre-Deal)

Recent Analysis

Daily SPAC Update – May 24, 2024

QRDO To Liquidate at $10.96. ShoulderUp Extends with 1.1M Redemptions. BFAC Extension Vote. Churchill Investor Deck. DIST Merger Agreement.

Daily SPAC Update – May 23, 2024

MAQC + Immersed Inc. Deal Terminated. GPAC Deal Vote Set. IVCB Extends w/ 2.1M Redemptions. CVII Investor Deck. PWUP Redemption Agreement.

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