Daily SPAC Update – Jan 24, 2024

by | Jan 24, 2024

Daily SPAC Update for Jan 24, 2024. CSLM + Fusemachines merger agreement. Extensions for APAC, HCMA, CLOE. Votes set for PTWO, BITE, ARIZ.

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APAC – STONEBRIDGE ACQUISITION CORP * Extend to Jul 20, 2024 * 210,813 redeemed * trust $11.36
HCMA – HCM ACQUISITION CORP * Extend to Apr 25, 2024 * 2,460,044 redeemed
CLOE – CLOVER LEAF CAPITAL CORP * Extend to Jul 22, 2024 * 202,360 redeemed * trust $11.71
CSTAF – Adjourned extension vote to Jan 25

PTWO – PONO CAPITAL TWO INC * Extension Vote Set: Feb 05, 2024 * trust $10.80
BITE – BITE ACQUISITION CORP * Extension Vote Set: Feb 13, 2024 * trust $10.71
ARIZ – ARISZ ACQUISITION CORP * Extension Vote Set: Feb 05, 2024 * trust $11.13

CSLM – CSLM ACQUISITION CORP * Deal Announced w/ Fusemachines * SPAC Merger Deal filing
JWSM – JAWS MUSTANG ACQUISITION CORP * Announces redemptions in advance of meeting * 1,023,321 redeemed

18.40% ~ $ 5.02 | ATAK – Aurora Technology Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
12.66% ~ $ 12.90 | APAC – StoneBridge Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
12.37% ~ $ 20.81 | MCAF – Mountain Crest Acquisition Corp. IV (Announced)
11.97% ~ $ 8.23 | NUBI – Nubia Brand International Corp. (Announced)
3.94% ~ $ 11.60 | CLRC – ClimateRock (Announced)

-8.63% ~ $ 11.75 | OTEC – OceanTech Acquisitions I Corp. (Announced)
-4.65% ~ $ 6.77 | NCAC – Newcourt Acquisition Corp (Announced)
-2.27% ~ $ 10.75 | TWLV – Twelve Seas Investment Company II (Pre-Deal)
-1.78% ~ $ 10.50 | EMLD – FTAC Emerald Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-1.51% ~ $ 11.08 | MAQC – Maquia Capital Acquisition Corporation (Announced)

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