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Blade Therapeutics Vote Delayed

Blade Therapeutics Vote Delayed

The race against the clock continues. BIOT says it has enough votes for its merger with Blade Therapeutics, but needs more time to close. And the rest of the day’s news in SPACs.

Seatgeek and Forbes Cancelled

Seatgeek and Forbes Cancelled

An oversaturated SPAC market yields a combination of terminations and extensions as deal pressure intensifies. And the rest of the day’s news in SPACs.

SPAC Market Review – May 2022

SPAC Market Review – May 2022

Inflation, rising interest rates, and reduced corporate earnings across the board have led to persistent market gyrations which prove its too early for bottom fishing. The stampede out of deSPACs now makes it ‘deal-or-die’ time for those without targets.

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