Daily SPAC Update – June 5, 2024

by | Jun 5, 2024

Swiftmerge IVCP + AleAnna Energy Announced. INAQ & NFYS Extension Votes. OTEC / Regentis Biomaterials Deal Terminated; OTEC Liquidates. TWLV, WINV, CNDA Extend. PLMI Deal Approved.

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Daily SPAC Update

IVCP – Swiftmerge Acquisition Corp * + AleAnna Energy, LLC

OTEC + Regentis Biomaterials Ltd

INAQ – INSIGHT ACQUISITION CORP * vote June 6, 2024 -> extend from June 7, 2024 to December 7, 2024
NFYS – ENPHYS ACQUISITION CORP * vote June 5, 2024 -> extend to December 8, 2024

TWLV – TWELVE SEAS INVESTMENT CO II * Extend to Dec 02, 2024 * 557,090 redeemed
WINV – WINVEST ACQUISITION CORP * Extend to Dec 17, 2024 * 650,790 redeemed * trust $11.32
CNDA – CONCORD ACQUISITION CORP II * Extend to Mar 03, 2025 * 12,498,716 redeemed * trust $10.61
PLMI – PLUM ACQUISITION CORP I * Deal Approved * no redemption details

OTEC – OCEANTECH ACQUISITIONS I CORP * liquidation * trust $11.38
SEPA – SEP ACQUISITION CORP * Withdrew NASDAQ listing application; attempting Cboe BZX Exchange

21.16% ~ $ 21.01 | DHAC – Digital Health Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
14.21% ~ $ 25.00 | ADRT – Ault Disruptive Technologies Corp (Pre-Deal)
11.76% ~ $ 11.50 | PLMI – Plum Acquisition Corp. I (Announced)
9.95% ~ $ 6.41 | RWOD – Redwoods Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
8.69% ~ $ 15.08 | PTWO – Pono Capital Two, Inc. (Announced)

-9.52% ~ $ 9.50 | BITE – Bite Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-7.51% ~ $ 10.96 | FHLT – Future Health ESG Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-6.12% ~ $ 11.04 | ROCL – Roth CH Acquisition V Co. (Announced)
-5.12% ~ $ 6.28 | PLTN – Plutonian Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-5.07% ~ $ 10.30 | PUCK – Goal Acquisitions Corp. (Announced)

Recent Analysis

Daily SPAC Update – June 13, 2024

Catcha Investment (CHAA) + Crown LNG Approved. DHAC + VSee Labs Deal Approved. SEDA Investor Deck. Feutune Light (FLFV) Updates Trust & Redemptions.

Daily SPAC Update – June 10, 2024

Bayview Acquisition Corp + Oabay Inc. SPAC deal announced. EVE extension vote today. BUJA sets extension vote. PWUP amends merger agreement. COOL postpones to June 26.

Activism Update – June 7

Wisdom Tree (WT) gets Glass Lewis, ISS, and Egon-Jones support. Medallion (MFIN) calls ZimCal self-serving. F9 Investments continues to hammer LL Flooring (LL).

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