Codere Online (SPAC: DDMX) and the Gaming / Betting Landscape in LatAm

by | Oct 29, 2021

Martin Werner, CEO of DD3 Acquisition Corp II (DDMX) and Moshe Edree of Codere Online join David Drapkin to discuss their SPAC transaction and the future of gaming in LatAm.

Codere Online is the online gaming/gambling arm of parent Codere Group. Codere online is going public via DD3 Acquisition Corp II (DDMX) in a $350M EV transaction announced in June this year. 

DDMX shareholders are gearing up for the vote which was just announced for November 18th. 

DDMX CEO Martin Werner, former head of Goldman Sachs Mexico, and Codere’s Moshe Edree join us on the podcast to discuss the deal and why LatAm is the next frontier for growth in online gaming + gambling. 

This is the second SPAC from the DD3 team, having previously led the successful acquisition and De-SPAC of Betterware a Mexico-based D2C company. 

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