Chad Rigetti on why Superconducting and Rigetti is the Best Bet on Quantum Computing

Nov 30, 2021 | Podcast, SPACs

Chad Rigetti is the CEO and founder of Rigetti Computing, a full-stack quantum computing company who has agreed to a SPAC merger with Supernova Partners Acquisition Co II (SNII). Quantum computing leaders are very bullish on the technology and are projecting that in 5-10 years every company will have quantum computers that can solve problems today’s computers cannot. 

Is it a winner take all? Fellow de-SPAC darling and quantum computing competitor IONQ focuses on trapped ions vs. superconducting. Chad shares his views on both the competitive dynamic and if there is space for multiple winners, though contends that superconducting technology is best set up for success longterm. 

Topics Discussed

  • Chad Rigetti’s career history
  • Beginner’s guide to quantum computing
  • Rigetti’s business model
  • Superconducting vs. trapped ions (IONQ)
  • Pitch for buying a share of Rigetti today
  • Is it ready for widespread commercial adoption?
  • Customers, governments, and target
  • The SPAC deal and why Supernova
  • Use of proceeds, growth plan, and valuation
  • Managing life as a public company

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