CEO / CFO / Director Resignations & Appointments | Nov 19, 2021

by | Nov 19, 2021

Every week we bring you the latest CEO, CFO, and director resignations and appointments across public companies.

Moves in This Issue


CEO Resignations & Appointments

Casper Sleep Inc (CSPR)
Leaving: CEO – Philip Krim ( 8.1 yrs; -38.4% TSR)
Replaced by: Emilie Arel

With over 20 years of leadership experience across retail, merchandising, customer experience, and marketing, Emilie Arel has led Casper’s commercial and brand strategy. Previously, Emilie was the CEO of FULLBEAUTY Brands, a plus-size apparel company, where she led the company through a debt restructuring and put the company on the path to a digital transformation. Prior to that, she serv…read full bio

Dynatrace Inc (DT)
Leaving: CEO – John Van Siclen ( 13.9 yrs; 65.5% TSR)
Replaced by: Rick M McConnell

Prior to joining the Company, Mr. McConnell served as President of Akamai Technologies, Inc., and General Manager of its Security Technology Group since March 2021. From May 2016 through February 2021, he served as President and General Manager of Akamai’s Web Division. In addition, Mr. McConnell previously served as Akamai’s President – Products and Development from January 2…read full bio

Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX)
Leaving: CEO – Mike Spanos ( 2.0 yrs; -3.8% TSR)
Replaced by: Selim A Bassoul

Mr. Bassoul, age 64, has served as a director of the Company since February 2020 and served as non-executive Chairperson of the Board from February 2021 to November 14, 2021. Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Bassoul served as Chairman (from 2004 to 2019), President and Chief Executive Officer (from 2001 to 2019) of The Middleby Corporation, a manufacturer of food service and processing equipment….read full bio

Splunk Inc (SPLK)
Leaving: CEO – Doug Merritt ( 6.0 yrs; 18.9% TSR)
Replaced by: Graham Smith

Mr. Smith, age 61, has served as a member of our Board since 2011 and as Chair since 2019. Mr. Smith served in various leadership positions at, inc….read full bio

Talkspace Inc (TALK)
Leaving: CEO – Oren Frank ( .4 yrs; )
Replaced by (interim): Douglas L Braunstein

Mr. Braunstein, 60, has served as Chairman of the Board since June 22, 2021. Mr. Braunstein is the Founder and a Managing Partner of Hudson Executive Capital. Prior to founding Hudson Executive Capital, Mr. Braunstein was the C…read full bio

CFO Resignations & Appointments

BWX Technologies Inc (BWXT)
Leaving: CFO – David S Black ( 6.4 yrs; 9.3% TSR)
Replaced by: Robb A Lemasters

Mr. LeMasters’ promotion is part of the Company’s normal, enterprise-wide succession planning process. Mr. LeMasters has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer of the Company since July 2020. He previously served as a member of the Company’s Board of Directors and its Audit and Finance Committee from 2015 to 2020, as well as its Compensation Committee from 2017 to 2020. Prior t…read full bio

CMC Materials Inc (CCMP)
Leaving: CFO – Scott D Beamer ( 3.8 yrs; 11.6% TSR)
Replaced by: Jeanette A Press

Ms. Press, age 46, has served as the Company’s Principal Accounting Officer and Controller since June 2020, and prior to that as Vice President and Principal Accounting Officer, Univar Solutions, from 2019 to 2020, and Vice President, Controller and Principal Accounting Officer, USG Corporation, from 2014 to 2019. She holds a B.S. in Public Accounting from Loyola University, full bio

Oncology Institute Inc (TOI)
Leaving: CFO – Chris Wolfe ( 1.7 yrs; .1% TSR)
Replaced by: Scott Dalgleish

Scott Dalgleish has served as Chief Financial Officer of TOI since 2020. Prior to joining TOI, Mr. Dalgleish served as Chief Financial Officer of St. Joseph Heritage Health and Providence Health Network from 2018 to 2020, the Vice President of Finance for Concerto Health from 2017 to 2018 and Finance Director for DaVita from 2014 to 2017. Mr. Dalgleish h…read full bio

Prelude Therapeutics Inc (PRLD)
Leaving: CFO – Brian Piper ( 1.2 yrs; -34.4% TSR)
Replaced by: Laurent Chardonnet

Before joining the Company, Mr. Chardonnet, age 57, served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Axcella Health Inc. from November 2019 until November 2021. From 2004 to November 2019, Mr. Chardonnet served in various positions at Incyte Corporation, including Vice President, Treasurer and Principal Accounting Officer, Head of Finance and Administration for the Incyte’s …read full bio

PureCycle Technologies Inc (PCT)
Leaving: CFO – Michael E Dee ( 1.0 yrs; 26.9% TSR)
Replaced by: Lawrence C Somma

Mr. Somma most recently served as Vice President, Finance Strategy & Transformation, at LyondellBasell Industries N.V. since February 8, 2020. Mr. Somma previously served as LyondellBassell’s Vice President, Corporate Treasurer from October 2013 until February 2020. Mr. Somma previously was employed by Hyatt Hotels Corporation from 2008 through 2013, serving as Senior Vice President a…read full bio

Rambus Inc (RMBS)
Leaving: CFO – Rahul Mathur ( 5.1 yrs; 12.3% TSR)
Replaced by: Keith A Jones

Mr. Jones, age 50, currently serves as the Company’s Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer and Corporate Controller (Principal Accounting Officer) and has been in that role since February 2019. In addition, Mr. Jones served as the Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller of the Company since February 2018. Previously, Mr. Jones served as Worldwide Corporate Controller, Vice P…read full bio

TTEC Holdings Inc (TTEC)
Leaving: CFO – Regina Paolillo ( 10.0 yrs; 20.3% TSR)
Replaced by: Dustin J Semach

Prior to joining TTEC in December 2020, Mr. Semach held several senior financial roles in the technology services and business process outsourcing industries, including chief financial officer of Rackspace Technology (NASDAQ: RXT), a clo…read full bio

Director Departures

Amazon Com Inc (AMZN)
Thomas O’Ryder ( 19.1 yrs; 31.6% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Leadership Development and Compensation

Angi Inc (ANGI)
Yilu Zhao ( 4.2 yrs; -.4% TSR)
Committees: Audit

Brian Klos ( 3.8 yrs; 18.9% TSR)
Committees: Compensation

Sandra N Bane ( 19.4 yrs; 10.1% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Brinker International Inc (EAT)
George R Mrkonic Jr ( 6.0% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Broadmark Realty Capital Inc (BRMK)
Joseph L Schocken ( 2.0 yrs; 6.7% TSR)
Committees: Finance

Compass Minerals International Inc (CMP)
Richard S Grant ( 17.6 yrs; 12.5% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc (CBRL)
Norman E Johnson ( 9.3 yrs; 13.2% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Executive, Nominating (and Governance)

Donaldson Co Inc (DCI)
Andrew Cecere ( 8.2 yrs; 8.2% TSR)
Committees: Audit

Envista Holdings Corp (NVST)
Teresa Gayle Sheppard ( 1.3 yrs; 60.0% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation

Epizyme Inc (EPZM)
Andrew R Allen ( 7.6 yrs; -20.7% TSR)
Committees: Compensation

ExOne Co (XONE)
Bonnie K Wachtel ( 8.8 yrs; -1.3% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation

ExOne Co (XONE)
William Frederick Strome ( 6.5 yrs; 7.8% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

ExOne Co (XONE)
Gregory F Pashke ( 5.5 yrs; 11.3% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Nominating (and Governance)

ExOne Co (XONE)
Roger William Thiltgen ( 3.3 yrs; 43.1% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Alan Milinazzo ( 10.8 yrs; -6.5% TSR)
Committees: Compensation

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
C Ann Merrifield ( 7.4 yrs; -3.9% TSR)
Committees: Audit

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Elizabeth Kwo ( 1.3 yrs; -22.1% TSR)
Committees: Nominating (and Governance)

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Heath Lukatch ( 9.8 yrs; -6.5% TSR)
Committees: Compensation

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Mark Stejbach ( 5.2 yrs; -11.3% TSR)
Committees: Audit

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Patrick J Mahaffy ( 12.8 yrs; -6.5% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Samuel D Colella ( 13.8 yrs; -6.5% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Flexion Therapeutics Inc (FLXN)
Scott A Canute ( 6.7 yrs; -11.9% TSR)
Committees: Nominating (and Governance)

Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc (HLT)
John Schreiber ( 8.0 yrs; 16.2% TSR)
Committees: Compensation

Sara M Nayeem ( 5.8 yrs; -58.6% TSR)
Committees: Audit

Lovesac Co (LOVE)
Mary Fox ( 1.8 yrs; 163.6% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Novanta Inc (NOVT)
Deborah Disanzo ( 2.8 yrs; 30.0% TSR)
Committees: Environmental, Social and Governance

Regis Corp (RGS)
Daniel Gordon Beltzman ( 9.3 yrs; -17.1% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance), Technology

Reinsurance Group Of America Inc (RGA)
Christine Rose Detrick ( 8.3 yrs; 7.4% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

RumbleOn Inc (RMBL)
Richard A Gray Jr ( 4.1 yrs; -17.9% TSR)
Committees: Audit, Compensation, Nominating (and Governance)

Six Flags Entertainment Corp (SIX)
Mike Spanos ( 2.1 yrs; -9.3% TSR)
Committees: Nominating (and Governance)

SLM Corp (SLM)
William N Shiebler ( 7.6 yrs; -3.4% TSR)
Committees: Compensation, Nominating (and Governance), Preferred Stock, Strategic Planning

Taylor Morrison Home Corp (TMHC)
Jeffry L Flake ( 2.8 yrs; 21.5% TSR)
Committees: Nominating (and Governance)

Directors Joining

Adicet Bio Inc (ACET)
Michael Kauffman

Dr. Kauffman joins the Adicet board with over 20 years of experience in the life sciences industry, including expertise in preclinical research, clinical development and regulatory strategy. Currently, he is a board member for Karyopharm Therapeutics, Verastem Oncology and Kezar Life Scienc…read full bio

Aligos Therapeutics Inc (ALGS)
Bridget A Martell

Dr. Martell is an accomplished physician and biopharmaceutical executive who currently holds several executive and advisory roles, including as the President and CEO of Artizan Biosciences, a precision medicine microbiome company, a member of the Board of Directors at Achieve Life Sciences, and a…read full bio

Vernon J Nagel

Mr. Nagel is a seasoned executive having provided products and services to the residential and non-residential construction markets while he served as the executive chairman of the board of directors of Acuity Brands, Inc., or Acuity Brands, from February 2020 to the end of 2020, and, previously, as…read full bio

Brain Scientific Inc (BRSF)
Donald S Mackenzie

Donald MacKenzie, with over 30 years as a co-founder and senior managing director of Conway MacKenzie, Inc., is a recognized expert at orchestrating successful financial and operational restructuring and turnaround transactions. He also has a proven track record guiding successful mergers and acq…read full bio

Brighthouse Financial Inc (BHF)
Carol Juel

Ms. Juel is currently executive vice president, chief technology and operating officer of Synchrony Financial. Prior to her current role, she served as Synchrony’s chief information officer from 2014 to June 2021. Prior to Synchrony, she served as chief information officer of GE Cap…read full bio

Embark Technology Inc (EMBK)
Brandon Moak

Brandon Moak.   Brandon Moak co-founded Embark and has served as Embark’s Chief Technology Officer since the company’s founding in 2016. In his role, he leads engineering and R&D at our company, and has overseen development of the Embark Driver softw…read full bio

Epizyme Inc (EPZM)
Carol Stuckley

Carol Stuckley, M.B.A., is a finance executive with significant experience leading the financial aspects of large global healthcare companies. Ms. Stuckley spent more than 22 years at Pfizer, Inc. in a variety of global financial roles of increasing responsibility, mos…read full bio

Epizyme Inc (EPZM)
Roy A Beveridge

Roy A. Beveridge, M.D., is a medical oncologist who has been in practice for more than 30 years during which time he has treated hundreds of lymphoma and myeloma patients. He has led large integrated provider networks and has deep expertise in healthcare policy and reimbursement. Previously, Dr.&…read full bio

Farmland Partners Inc (FPI)
Murray R Wise

Murray R. Wise was the founder of Westchester Group (currently the world’s largest institutional farmland asset manager) and started MWA as the spinoff of Westchester Group’s brokerage, auction and farm management business when the company was acquired by TIAA in 2010. Throughout his …read full bio

HomeTrust Bancshares Inc (HTBI)
Hunter Westbrook

Mr. Westbrook joined HomeTrust Bank in June 2012 as Senior Vice President and Chief Banking Officer. He began his career in banking with TCF Bank in Minneapolis and later joined TCF National Bank Illinois as Senior Vice President of Finance. In 2004 he was promoted to Executive…read full bio

ImmunoGen Inc (IMGN)
Tracey L McCain

Ms. McCain has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of Blueprint Medicine Corporation, or Blueprint, a biotechnology company. Prior to Blueprint, from January 2016 to September 2016, Ms. McCain was Senior Vice President and Head of Legal fo…read full bio

Kala Pharmaceuticals Inc (KALA)
Mark S Blumenkranz

Dr. Blumenkranz has served as the HJ Smead Professor Emeritus of the Ophthalmic Innovation Program at the Byers Eye Institute at Stanford University since March 2019, and he previously served as HJ Smead Professor and Chairman of the Byers Eye Institute from September 1997 to August 2015 and as H…read full bio

Longboard Pharmaceuticals Inc (LBPH)
Jane Tiller

Dr. Tiller currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of Neumora Therapeutics, a position she has held since Neumora acquired BlackThorn Therapeutics, where she had served as Chief Medical Officer. Prior to BlackThorn, Dr. Tiller was Head of Medical European Markets, Australia and …read full bio

Markel Corp (MKL)
Morgan E Housel

Housel serves as a partner of The Collaborative Fund, a multi-stage private investment fund. He is also a frequent presenter discussing matters related to risk, investor psychology and business history, and author of the book The Psychology of Money.Pri…read full bio

Proto Labs Inc (PRLB)
Stacy Greiner

Ms. Greiner serves as the General Manager, North America Sales & Marketing Business for Dun & Bradstreet, a leading global provider of business decisioning data and analytics. Ms. Greiner has significant expertise in general management, digital marketing, and data analytics. Prior to her current pos…read full bio

Rani Therapeutics Holdings Inc (RANI)
Lyn Baranowski

Lyn Baranowski has 18 years’ experience building, directing and guiding biopharmaceutical companies. Currently, Ms. Baranowski serves as the Chief Operating Officer at Altavant Sciences, a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focused on rare respiratory diseases. Prior to Altavant, Ms. …read full bio

Siebert Financial Corp (SIEB)
Cynthia DiBartolo

Ms. DiBartolo has been appointed to and serves on a number of boards in relation to her personal and professional career including but not limited to: Chairperson of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition Steering Committee for Financial Services; Founder & Chairperson of the Diversity Broker-Dealer & Asset Man…read full bio

Sorrento Therapeutics Inc (SRNE)
Elizabeth Czerepak

Elizabeth A. Czerepak has over 35 years of experience in big pharma, biotechnology and venture capital and has served as the Chief Financial Officer of BeyondSpring Inc. (Nasdaq: BYSI), a global biopharmaceutical company focused on developing innovative immuno-oncology cancer therapies…read full bio

Spire Global Inc (SPIR)
Dirk Hoke

Mr. Hoke was most recently Chief Executive Officer of the Airbus Defence and Space division of Airbus SE and served as a member of the Airbus Executive Committee. Before joining Airbus, he worked at Siemens AG, where he held various executive-level positions including General Manager for the…read full bio

Spire Global Inc (SPIR)
Dirk Hoke

Mr. Hoke was most recently Chief Executive Officer of the Airbus Defence and Space division of Airbus SE and served as a member of the Airbus Executive Committee. Before joining Airbus, he worked at Siemens AG, where he held various executive-level positions including General Manager for the…read full bio

Verastem Inc (VSTM)
Michelle Robertson

Prior to joining Editas Medicine, Ms. Robertson served as Chief Financial Officer of Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. prior to its acquisition by Johnson & Johnson in 2020. She joined Momenta as Vice President, Financial Planning and Analysis. Previously, she served as Vice President, Oncology F…read full bio

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