SPAC Daily: FAZE Set to Make Debut

by | Jul 19, 2022

The FaZe Clan (FAZE) is set to make its public trading debut tomorrow and it will ring the bell at Nasdaq. The deal was approved last week and will be surely watched by traders and FaZe enthusiasts alike. BRPM shares closed up big today (likely on anticipations of a low float) +17% to $13.02.

Elsewhere in SPACs

Elsewhere, it was a busy afternoon of 8-K cleanup in SPAC land with plenty of redemption numbers, deal rumors and cancellations.

  • CleanTech Acquisition Corp. (CLAQ) filed that its shareholders approved 6 1-month extensions (cancelling their original sponsor options) at $100K each out until January 2023
  • Clover Leaf Capital Corp. (CLOE) confirmed that it deposited $0.10 in its trust to extend for 3 months. The company has two 3-month sponsor exemption remaining
  • Bloomberg is reporting that NewAmsterdam Pharma is in talks to go public Frazier Lifesciences Acquisition Corp. (FLAC)
  • Almost 90% redemptions for Chavant Capital Acquisition Corp. (CLAY) on its extension vote.
  • Aesther Healthcare Acquisition Corp. (AEHA) terminated its merger agreement with United Gear & Assembly and intends to keep searching for a new target
  • Brilliant Acquisition Corp. (BRLI) confirmed its extension was approved and added $0.12 / share out till October. 1M shares redeemed.

Upcoming SPAC Calendar

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Today’s SPAC Stock Movers

Biggest SPAC Gainers

17.83% ~ $ 13.02 | BRPM РB. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. (Announced)
2.73% ~ $ 10.15 | ACTD РArcLight Clean Transition Corp. II (Announced)
.70% ~ $ 10.00 | GWII РGood Works II Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.62% ~ $ 9.73 | HWEL РHealthwell Acquisition Corp. I (Pre-Deal)
.61% ~ $ 9.91 | VBOC РViscogliosi Brothers Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
.60% ~ $ 10.01 | BMAC РBlack Mountain Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.54% ~ $ 10.19 | VTAQ РVentoux CCM Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
.52% ~ $ 9.67 | CDAQ РCompass Digital Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.51% ~ $ 9.90 | ACAX РAlset Capital Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.51% ~ $ 9.94 | CLRC РClimateRock (Pre-Deal)
.50% ~ $ 9.98 | SGHL РSignal Hill Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
.50% ~ $ 9.99 | BYNO РbyNordic Acquisition Corporation (Pre-Deal)
.50% ~ $ 10.03 | CND РConcord Acquisition Corp (Announced)
.50% ~ $ 10.05 | SHAP РSpree Acquisition Corp. 1 Ltd (Pre-Deal)
.41% ~ $ 9.74 | CORS РCorsair Partnering Corporation (Pre-Deal)
.41% ~ $ 9.74 | DUNE РDune Acquisition Corporation (Announced)
.41% ~ $ 9.84 | CSLM РConsilium Acquisition Corp I, Ltd. (Pre-Deal)
.41% ~ $ 9.88 | EPWR РEmpowerment & Inclusion Capital I Corp (Pre-Deal)
.40% ~ $ 10.08 | CFVI РCF Acquisition Corp. VI (Announced)

Biggest SPAC Losers

-3.33% ~ $ 10.17 | CLAQ Рcleantech Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-2.59% ~ $ 9.98 | NLIT РNorthern Lights Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-1.38% ~ $ 10.02 | KINZ РKINS Technology Group Inc. (Pre-Deal)
-.80% ~ $ 9.94 | WQGA РWorld Quantum Growth Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
-.62% ~ $ 9.63 | GHIX РGores Holdings IX, Inc. (Pre-Deal)
-.60% ~ $ 9.93 | MEKA РMELI Kaszek Pioneer Corp (Pre-Deal)
-.41% ~ $ 9.67 | ALCC РAltC Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-.41% ~ $ 9.68 | PRPB РCC Neuberger Principal Holdings II (Announced)
-.41% ~ $ 9.80 | KYCH РKeyarch Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
-.41% ~ $ 9.81 | MSAC РMedicus Sciences Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-.40% ~ $ 9.93 | TGVC РTG Venture Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-.40% ~ $ 10.00 | SPK РSPK Acquisition Corp. (Announced)
-.40% ~ $ 10.01 | GEEX РGames & Esports Experience Acquisition Corp. (Pre-Deal)
-.40% ~ $ 10.06 | IFIN РInFinT Acquisition Corporation (Pre-Deal)
-.31% ~ $ 9.68 | SLVR РSILVERspac Inc (Pre-Deal)
-.31% ~ $ 9.78 | GAQ РGeneration Asia I Acquisition Ltd (Pre-Deal)
-.31% ~ $ 9.80 | TIOA РTio Tech A (Pre-Deal)
-.30% ~ $ 9.81 | DHCA РDHC Acquisition Corp (Pre-Deal)
-.30% ~ $ 9.85 | SAMA РSchultze Special Purpose Acquisition Corp. II (Pre-Deal)
-.30% ~ $ 9.90 | LGTO РLEGATO MERGER CORP. II (Announced)

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