SPAC Wrap – January Sets Incredible Pace and Repeaters are Building a Track Record
January 29, 2021

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Quick Take

Despite all the attention on Gamestop, WallstreetBets, Melvin Capital, and Robinhood the SPAC market remained white hot in January. New SPACs filing S-1s approached the century mark and are poised to raise another ~$25 billion of SPAC gunpowder ready to fire, and SPAC IPO’s priced at a similar pace. It’s unclear how long this can last, especially if fears of a broader set of bubbles translates to persistent downward market pressure. However, given what is in the pipeline and already on the market, we’ll be talking SPACs a lot throughout 2021.

Also notable is the increasing pressure we’re hearing from SPAC teams/sponsors regarding how competitive it is to find deals. The “SPAC-Off” is a real thing and teams are having to prove they’re the right SPAC to go with. This means that, more than ever, finding the right SPAC team — people who know SPACs, get “deal flow”, know how to close, and can spot truly great companies — is more important than ever.

And, on the subject of teams/sponsors, we’re starting to see more repeat offenders that are making a big bet on SPACs and building out a material track record. We take a look below at a few that are making the most noise in the market.

New SPAC S-1 Filings

SPAC IPOs Priced This Week

Repeat Offenders

Among this week’s S-1s and IPOs included both Gores VIII and CF Acquisition V. As the market continues to issue at a record pace we’re seeing more and more repeat issuers starting to build up a track record. Will they all be winners? Likely not – it will be interesting to see who can consistently generate the best performing deals:

Among the most active sponsor/team issuers in the market include:

  • Alec E Gores / Metropolous: 10 (!) total in their history going back to 2015, including 5 that are currently active
  • M. Klein / Churchill: up to 6 historically for the Churchill team.
    • Churchill II has announced a deal with Skillsoft while 4 others are either Pre-IPO or searching for a target
  • Chamath / Social Capital Hedesophia: up to IPOF (6th) for the much publicized SPAC team
    • IPOE announced the mega deal with SoFi earlier this month
    • IPOD and IPOF are on the lookout for their next blockbuster
    • this week Chamath participated in two PIPEs, the $250M Sunlight Financial PIPE and the $190M Latch PIPE
  • Cantor Fitzgerald / Howard Lutnick: just priced their 5th
    • CF II has announced a deal with View, Inc.
    • CF 3-4 are searching for deals

SPAC Merger Announcements

Next Week’s Calendar

Merger Approval Votes

Deadline Extensions

  • Feb 4 9:00pm ET: AGBA voting to extend until November
    • no transaction has been announced. IPOed May-2019
    • shares are at $10.46

Unit / Warrant Splits

  • Feb 1: SNRH, PCPC, CTAQ

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