The Boardroom Alpha COVID-19 Impact Tracker
April 3, 2020

Track the latest impacts to and mitigation efforts for US public companies struggling to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Boardroom Alpha has released our COVID-19 Impact tracker that provides a centralized place for the market to concisely observe the massive impact that the pandemic is having across US public companies. We’re using machine learning and human analysis to identify company filings that discuss material impacts to a company and the actions they are taking to try to mitigate those impacts.

The tracker is the only place where market participants can quickly observe how companies across sectors and sizes are being affected and what they’re doing about it. Which companies are cutting dividends, furloughing employees, suspending buybacks, reducing pay and benefits, and more?

In addition, the Boardroom Alpha Beta Blog team will regularly update you with our insights on the events and trends we are seeing.

One of the most important roles that we hope to play with the COVID-19 Impact Tracker and our on-going analysis here is to shine a light on the positive events that may signal that the market and economy are returning to normalcy. Identifying the point where ong a go-forward basis, being smartly risk on will create real opportunities, is the next big challenge for those who survive the current storm.

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