CEO, CFO, and Director Changes (Nov 30): DKS, FLR, and WSFS
November 30, 2020

Boardroom Alpha provides in-depth analytics and tracking of all public company executives and officers. Below is a rundown of CEO, CFO, and director moves made at selected companies this past week. Get a demo today to see how you can receive real-time alerts and in-depth analytics.

CEO Changes 

  • DICK’S Sporting Goods (DKS) announced CEO Edward Stack (A) will step down effective February 1st, 2021. Stack will be replaced by Lauren Hobart, who is currently the president of DICK’S.
  • Announced earlier this fall, Infinera Corporation (INFN) CEO Thomas Fallon (D) was officially replaced by David Heard, previously Infinera COO. Heard also joined the board of directors.

CFO Changes

  • Announced earlier this fall, LiveXLive Media (LIVX) interim CFO Jerome Gold was officially replaced by Michael Quartieri (A). Quartieri was previously CFO of Scientific Games Corporation.    
  • Announced earlier this fall, Genesco (GCO) CFO Melvin Tucker (D) was officially replaced by Mimi Vaughn (C) in the interim. Vaughn is currently CEO of Genesco.   
  • Announced earlier this fall, Ruth’s Hospitality Group (RUTH) CFO Arne Haak (A-) was officially replaced by Kristy Chipman. Chapman was previously CFO of OrangeTheory Fitness.
  • Announced earlier this fall, ABM Industries (ABM) interim CFO Dean Chin was officially replaced by Earl Ellis. Ellis was previously CFO of Best Buy Canada.   

Director Changes

  • Kathleen Reape and Laura Sepp-Lorenzino joined the board of Taysha Gene Therapies (TSHA). Both are doctors with extensive backgrounds concerning private medical corporations.
  • Norman Jenkins (C+) joined the board of New Senior Investment Group (SNR). Jenkins also serves on the board of Duke Realty Corporation.
  • Nancy Foster joined the board of WSFS Financial Corporation (WSFS). Foster is CEO of The Risk Management Association.
  • Jill Rahman and Ashley Buchanan (A) joined the board of Treehouse Foods (THS). Both have significant retail experience.
  • Announced earlier this fall, Peter Barker (F) officially stepped down from the board of Fluor (FLR).
  • Announced earlier this fall, Marcel Teunissen (C-) officially stepped down from the board of Shell Midstream Partners (SHLX). Teunissen will be the joining the Parkland Corporation in Canada as CFO.
  • Brian Sheth* (B-) resigned from the board of Ping Identity Holding Corporation (PING). Martin Taylor filled the vacancy.
  • Brian Sheth* (B-) resigned from the board of Jamf Holding Corporation (JAMF). Chrstina Lema filled the vacancy.

*Sheth was the co-founder and president of Vista Equity Partners, a prominent private equity fund. His departure from the fund earlier this week explains his exits from the boards of PING and JAMF.

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