CEO, CFO, and Director Changes (Nov 16): ENR, DAL, SNAP, and More
November 16, 2020

Boardroom Alpha provides in-depth analytics and tracking of all public company executives and officers. Below is a rundown of people moves made at selected companies this past week. Get a demo today to see how you can receive real-time alerts and in-depth analytics.

CEO Changes 

  • Energizer Holdings (ENR) announced CEO Alan Hoskins (C+) will step down effective January 1st, 2021. Hoskins will be replaced by Mark LaVigne.
  • Alaska Air Group (ALK) announced CEO Bradley Tilden (B-) will step down effective March 31st, 2021. Tilden will be replaced by Benita Minicucci. Read our quick analysis here.

CFO Changes

  • Announced earlier this fall, Phibro Animal Health Corporation (PAHC) CFO Richard Johnson (B+) was officially replaced by Damian Finio (D).  
  • Announced earlier this fall, Carrier Global Corporation (CARR) CFO Timothy McLevish (B) was officially replaced by Patrick Goris (A-).
  • Announced earlier this fall, Rockwell Automation (ROK) CFO Patrick Goris (A-) was officially replaced by Steven Etzel.
  • Paul Jacobson (A-) resigned as CFO of Delta Air Lines (DAL). He will be joining General Motors (GM) as CFO December 1st, 2020.
  • Announced earlier this fall, TrueCar (TRUE) CFO Noel Watson (D) was officially replaced by Charles Thomas.
  • Announced earlier this fall, BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation (BKCC) CFO Michael Pungello (D) was officially replaced by Abby Miller.

Director Changes

  • Dominique Leroy, Omar Tazi, and Michael Wilkens joined the board of T-Mobile US (TMUS). Srini Gopalan (A-) stepped down from the board.
  • Dr. Lisa Costa joined the board of (PRTS). Joshua Berman (C-) resigned.
  • John Holland (A) resigned from the board of Saia (SAIA). Holland also serves on the boards of Cooper Tire & Rubber Company and Cornerstone Building Brands.
  • Chris Young (C) resigned from the board of Snap (SNAP). Young also serves on the board of the American Express Company. Young recently joined Microsoft Corporation as Executive Vice President of Business Development, and resigned due to a potential conflict of interest
  • Alexander Denner (B) joined the board of Ironwood Pharmaceuticals (IRWD). Denner also serves on the boards of Biogen and Sarissa Capital Acquisition Group.
  • Mark Graf (C) and Eric Motley joined the board of Harmony Biosciences Holdings (HRMY).

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